This is where the magic happens. And by magic I mean the long, tedious hours of patient, painstaking work cartoon-making entails. But no big, ya know?

Satchel & Duff Hit the Road

Makin' History
Satchel & Duff is my rip-off--err--homage--to the Golden Age of animation and comics in the 1940s and 50s. My Saturday mornings consisted of a steady diet of Looney Tunes and Froot Loops. The resulting poor eyesight and weak constitution have yielded this work of unparalleled beauty.

Game On, Folks!
Satchel & Duff Hit the Road collects three comics in one rather attractive package, if I do say so myself. (And I do). Make yourself very happy (and me fabulously wealthy) by picking up a copy now at your favorite bookseller or online at Amazon.com. In fact, here's one o' them fancy links to take you there now. You're welcome.

Satchel & Duff: Hit the Road
By James Point Du Jour