This is where the magic happens. And by magic I mean the long, tedious hours of patient, painstaking work cartoon-making entails. But no big, ya know?

Roquefort: Wicked Riffs

Time to Work it Out
Roquefort is the world's friendliest wolf (personally I can't imagine being THAT friendly but anyhoo...), and he's always willing to help out a friend. But this time, he's the one in need of help. To impress the girl of his dreams he needs to learn some sick dance moves. And to do that he needs to seek out the legendary Mountain Dance King.

And Now--We DANCE!
Roquefort: Wicked Riffs is an all-ages romp through strange worlds and stranger characters. The book comes with a bonus story--Rib Doozy--where Roquefort and company seek out the world's most perfect sandwich.

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Roquefort: Wicked Riffs
By James Point Du Jour